Poor in the USA: 50 Million & Rising + RECAP

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Bob Herbert

New York Times Op-Ed Columnist

Misery With Plenty of Company


Published: January 7, 2011

Consider the extremes. President Obama is redesigning his administration to make it even friendlier toward big business and the megabanks, which is to say the rich, who flourish no matter what is going on with the economy in this country. (They flourish even when they’re hard at work destroying the economy.) Meanwhile, we hear not a word — not so much as a peep — about the poor, whose ranks are spreading like a wildfire in a drought.

The politicians and the media behave as if the poor don’t exist. But with jobs still absurdly scarce and the bottom falling out of the middle class, the poor are becoming an ever more significant and increasingly desperate segment of the population.

How do you imagine a family of four would live if its annual income was $11,000 or less?

Phi Beta Iota: Bob Herbert has made a major contribution with this piece.  The poor don't have the heart–or the strength–to rebel, but there are also 50 million young and 50 million Cultural Creatives.  The USA is ripe for a revolution that will be violent, with burning tires in the streets, city blockades, and–according to Gerald Celente–an epidemic of cyber-attacks on banks and government by youngsters who prefer computers to guns as their medium of expression.

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