Alleged Egyptian Activist Plan

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Seemingly somewhat similar approach to “monkeywrenching” ecotage (sabotage) of Earth Liberation Front originating in American Southwest…..not sure The Atlantic has done its homework–apart from the naivete of thinking that this would remain “controlled” it reads like a CIA-version of a faux activist plan.

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Egyptian Activists’ Action Plan: Translated

The Atlantic,Jan 27 2011, 7:40 PM ET

Egypt protest leaflets distributed in Cairo give blueprint for mass action

Anonymous flyers provide practical and tactical advice for confronting riot police, and besieging government offices

Phi Beta Iota: Agree with Marcus Aurelius.  A simpler plan is “be on the street, be respectful and non-violent at all times, be patient.”  This is a word of mouth revolution, 26 pages is suspect and we have to wait to see the entire product as well as verification that this has gone anywhere other than The Atlantic.  This is the kind of thing CIA would do (violate the law, feed this to The Atlantic) to try to get on the boards “virtually.”  Fairly stupid to want to occupy buildings, the key is public presence, non-violent, nothing more.  V-sign?  Is this a 1960’s annuitant on modern drugs?  We wait with bated breath to learn who is actually behind what the UK Guardian calls “the slickly produced 26-page document.”

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