Anti-Corruption in USA–A First Step

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Watchdog Group Files Formal Complaints To Disbar And Prosecute Clarence Thomas For 20 Years Of False Statements, Financial Conflicts Of Interest, And Using His Decisions On The  Supreme Court To Enrich His Wife

Pressure Building On Department Of Justice To Take Action

Washington, D.C.– February 8, 2011, filed two formal complaints against Justice Clarence Thomas for falsifying 20 years of financial disclosure statements, engaging in financial conflicts of interests, and using his decisions on the Supreme Court to enrich his wife. The first complaint, filed with the Washington D.C. Bar Disciplinary Committee, seeks Justice Thomas’ disbarment. It has 19 exhibits and can be viewed online.

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Phi Beta Iota: Unlike the more visibly corrupt countries where corruption is individual, in the USA corruption is pervasive–this is best explained in GRIFTOPIA.  Individual impeachments, nullifications, and even the secession of Vermont are unlikely to have an effect.  It is necessary for the broader public–and particularly the majority disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny–to recognize that Electoral Reform is achievable in time for 2012, but it requires a presence in the streets such as others are now demonstrating.  The posturing by the two parties, including the idiotic multi-trillion dollar budget that continues “business as usual” including the Empire as cancer , is nothing more than spectacle and illusion.  Deceit, ineptitude, and predatory immorality characterize the US Government today–our shame.  EVERY executive and legislative official–and many judicial officials–are eligible for impeachment, not just Clarence Thomas.

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