Most-Wanted List for Health Care Fraud

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Government Launches Health Care Fraud Most-Wanted List

WASHINGTON — Health care fraud used to be a faceless crime — until now.

Medicare and Medicaid scams cost taxpayers more than $60 billion a year, but the average bank holdup is likely to get more attention. Seeking the public's help to catch more than 170 fugitive fraudsters, the government has launched a new health care most-wanted list, with its own website.  Read more…

Phi Beta Iota: What the government does in terms of fraud, waste, and abuse is VASTLY greater, resulting from a mix of ignorance and corruption.  It's a good idea–achieving full transparency for all records would put all citizen eyeballs on the mix and produce more corruption leads faster, better, cheaper.  What the government is not telling us is that the Connelly law firm has created a 15 company team led by Booz Allen that is about to take over “profit recovery” for the US Government across the entire health care industry–privateers with with civil and criminal authorities.  BAD IDEA and the natural outcome of the government not being able to do the right thing–competent employees and trusted information–so instead it does the wrong thing righter–gets bigger, more expensive, outsources more.

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