Seth Godin: The Danger of Repeating Signals

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The danger of repeating signals

Kevin shares this great quote from the Count of Monte Cristo:

“I have been told,” said the count, “that you do not always yourselves understand the signals you repeat.”

“That is true, sir, and that is what I like best,” said the man, smiling.

“Why do you like that best?”

“Because then I have no responsibility. I am a machine then, and nothing else, and so long as I work, nothing more is required of me.”

Phi Beta Iota: The blinding flash of insight here, related to the Ladders of Inference Search, is that both the institutions that are rushing blindly and repetitively into the past with their archaic and failed paradigms, AND their critics who keep repeating the same criticisms, and going nowhere.  This realization is what powers the transpartisan, dialog & deliberation, and general “engagement for emergence” memes–UNTIL you are willing to sit down and LISTEN to those you consider antithetical to all that you are and do, you will not be capable of learning or evolving in a holistic manner.  Hence, Advanced Cyber/IO must be FIRST about connecting all to all, THEN about establishing TRUST (see Robert Garigue’s Contributions), ONLY THEN about sharing and sense-making, and finally about concerted consensus.  The emphasis on cyber-security is ignorant and misplaced–it is a cancer on the art and science of global engagement.

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