Introducing Open Foresight

Collaboration Zones, Communities of Practice

Venessa Miemis

What is Open Foresight?

We recently introduced the concept of ‘Open Foresight’ as a process we’re developing to analyze complex issues in an open and collaborative way, and to raise the bar on public discourse and forward-focused critical thinking. It’s a work in progress and constantly evolving, but here are some of the basic principles we’ve developed so far.

1) What is Open Foresight?

In simple terms, open foresight is a process for building visions of the future together.

2) The Big Picture Context  ..  3) Why Open Foresight?  ..  4) Pilot Project: The Future of Facebook  ..  5) The Tipping Point  ..  Fueled By Crowdfunding & Corporate Patronage

For more information visit the original post at emergent by design.

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