Reference: Cook Report on Internet Protocol

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet
Gordon Cook

The COOK Report serves an international community of thought leaders focused on strategy affecting the Internet as a global utility that is critically important to the advancement of education, science, and the economy of every nation that it touches.  The COOK Report sponsors an international community of interest limited to 200 industry visionaries.  Subscribers gain access to the Economics and Architecture of IP Networks mail list [Arch-econ] now in its seventh year. Arch-econ is a private creation space offering a unique online discussion where industry leaders share knowledge and develop ideas.

Testimonial (one of many):  “Gordon Cook is fiber in a world of dial-up. He asks timely and provocative questions, invites leading practitioners and experts on all sides to debate them online for several weeks, cuts to the heart of the debates, and publishes the results in language that serious lay readers can understand. No other online journal matches the Cook Report’s combination of richness of content and accessibility.”

The Cook Report on Internet Protocol: Technology, Economic, and Policy (A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy)

Phi Beta Iota: A member of our collective met for four hours with Gordon Cook, and came away deeply impressed.  He is a very difficult man to interview, with so much knowledge of the Internet across the spectrum from governance to corruption, from technical to standards, from abuse to world-saving potential, that focusing in on any particulars is a time-consuming task.  Having said that, when he does produce a product, it is brilliant, replete with detail not to be found anywhere else, and for those who care about an Autonomous Internet, priceless.  We strongly recommend his private list which is by subscription (link immediately above).

Gordon Cook at Phi Beta Iota

Gordon Cook at DuckDuckGo

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