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We have not covered 3i:mind for a variety of reasons.  Not recommended.  Details below.

1)  It's a Go-Daddy website with no substance–slick vapor-ware.  L-3, using our road-map and CIA money, has much more credible capabilities, it just never learned to use government money to create universally-useful outcomes.

2) The web site is managed (which is to say, all seven slides are posted) by a minor-league, probably one-man, company.  Here is the Administrative and Technical Contact for the 3i:mind website:

Michalitsianos, George
Star Management, 60 Columbus Circle, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10023 United States

3)  Right now the company appears to be all promotion (web sites and trade shows); it “started” in 2009.

4)  The web site is super-slick–every single buzz word and category jammed together with–we say with admiration–elegance–the best vaporware we've seen to date, SAIC and SRA could learn from these guys.

5)  The place smells somewhat of an Israeli intelligence operation (software honey trap plus)–not as good or as big as PROMIS, but in the pattern.  The “visionary chairman” Mati Kochavi is an Israeli, still appears to be a one-man press-release shop, overstates appearances (e.g. at the Clinton Global Initiative), and appears to have gotten his start with 4D Security Solutions, now defunct.  Yali Harari is also an Israeli, a 1989 graduate in mathematics from Tel Aviv, whose first job was as a CEO allegedly managing 1000 employees.  She's used the Harvard Business School executive education program (world's most expensive “chance encounter” therapy group) and appears to be part of the Jewish philanthropy/money laundering circuit.

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