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IO Impotency


Cybercom is intended to integrate and coordinate DOD cyber defenses that previously were based in the individual military services.  Led by Army Gen. Keith Alexander, Cybercom also oversees offensive cyber capabilities, and that involves developing weapons and the doctrine that governs when and how those weapons can be used. When he took command of Cybercom, Alexander retained his post as director of the nation’s largest intelligence agency, the National Security Agency, which is responsible for signals intelligence and information assurance.  Source

Air Force

Lord said he envisions cyber operations as about 85 percent defensive — defending Air Force networks against attack and ensuring that networks aren’t disrupted. The other 15 percent will be offensive actions against adversaries’ cyber capabilities, but he declined to elaborate on what type of attack options will be available.  Source


ARCYBER's mission is to plan, coordinate, integrate, synchronize, direct, and conduct network operations and defense of all Army networks. When directed, ARCYBER will conduct cyberspace operations in support of full spectrum operations to ensure U.S. and allied freedom of action in cyberspace, and to deny the same to adversaries.  Source


To organize and prioritize, training, modernization, and maintenance, requirements, and capabilities of command and control architecture/networks, cryptologic and space-related systems and intelligence and information operations activities, and to coordinate with Type Commanders,  to deliver interoperable, relevant and ready forces at the right time at the best cost, today and in the future.  Source


“We must be able to defend our cyber turf.”  Source

Phi Beta Iota: This is all foolishness.  They are going to waste billions and billions of dollars on top of the DoD Grid that has been declared a failure by GAO on multiple occasions.  When you combine a DoD Grid designed to government specifications cost plus non-standards, with mind-sets that think that prosecuring family members for wiki-leak reading and that disabling USB ports does anything at all, you have a prescription for a MASSIVE failure of integrity across all of DoD.  This money could be better spent creating a smart whole of government multinational information sharing and sense-making grid.  What is so sad is that the individuals directly responsible for perpetuating this waste of the taxpayer's credit (we're out of real money) will be long retired before the whole system comes crashing down around the next generation of “leaders” who will again be blind-sided, just as today's young leaders are paying for the lack of integrity among the “leaders” of the 1990's.  We've known since 1994 what needs to be done, and it seems quite remarkable–perhaps even poetically so–that those in power refuse to listen to common sense from outside the wire.

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