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Six searches so far this morning merits attention.  Although the machine search produces both the master list hit and the original  listing of all airfields (which SOUTHCOM never really understood, or they were just timid), it does not produce the much cooler graphics that bear on reverse TPFID and regional intermediate TPFID (breaking down big air loads into small air loads, big boat loads into small boat loads, and for the really clever, peace jumpers calling in the geospatially accurate para-drops.  In Operations Other than War (OOTW), communications and intelligence from the bottom up rule–command & control is displaced by coordination & collaboration, and the “art” is in getting peace jumpers in IMMEDIATELY (like Smoke Jumpers, they don't assume a safe landing), and then start streaming in paradrops, small air, and so on.   The locals are not stupid–they will connect peace jumper with salvation the minute the first pallet of water hits the dirt.  Information is a substitute for violence.  Alvin Toffler was the first to get it.


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