Garland On Oil, Energy, & Presidential Non-Sense

05 Energy, Collective Intelligence, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Government, IO Sense-Making
Garland Robinette

Garland: “Pres. Obama, I too am exhausted defending you.”

What finally knocked me out of your camp was your speech last Friday…the one about energy. Let’s break it down into specifics.

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Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read for two reasons:

1.  Demonstrates the non-sense a President can spout when his speeches are written based on the lack of coherent (holistic) open source intelligence within the US Government; and

2.  Raises the rather fascinating idea that those regions that refuse to permit alternative energy (e.g. windmills) or refineries or other elements of a national energy infrastructure in their backyards should be limited in their access to domestic energy from others.

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