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Stage 1:  Co-Op.   Stage 2: Digital Village.  Stage 3: Toward Unity.  Stage 4: A Backbone of Our Own.  Stage 5: A Human Right.  See also Free Network Movement, Diaspora, A Human Right, and Buy This Satellite.

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Autonomous Internet is a new category under Information Operations (IO) in the Journal of Public Intelligence.  This new category will apply to software, hardware, and practices that create a Free Internet that cannot be shut down by anyone. Advanced Cyber/IO will cover everything else that is advanced, including concepts, successes, failures, and organizational issues.  Retrospectively we are returning to associate this category with the various OpenBTS and Free Internet posts inspired by the Egyptian Revolution and all that has followed.  If it is not obvious, this means among many other things assuring the ability of any individual or organization to obtain their own autonomous system capabilities and addresses, and the ability to open up point to point optical pipes that cannot be controlled by Stone Age mind-sets who think they have a right to charge for access to cyber-space–like air, cyberspace will become an essential for life, not subject to control by predatory corporations and immoral governments.  The Netherlands, among others, appears to be on the right track.

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2009-07-13 Making an Autonomous Internet

Autonet – An Autonomous Internet

Autonet is a project to create a wireless, global internet that can provide more reliability than corporate phone companies by being community based and freely licensed.  Tags: calls + opps, collective, free/libre software, global/ization, hacktivism, networked, open source, tactical, wireless.

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