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WordPress is great but it cannot handle complex queries or triage within words.  Here are some human-in-loop hits along with the search terms that worked in isolation–click on them to see the related hits surrounding the core hit.

war is a racket

review war is a racket butler

Core:  Review: War is a Racket–The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

fraud waste abuse

This entire website is about intelligence & integrity which means that it is also about fraud, waste, and abuse–corruption–the natural outcome when intelligence & integrity are lacking.

Core:  Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Negative)

G.A.O. is best searched as GAO and that turns out to be a really excellent path to much of the summary posts on corruption in  the US Government.


Please note that the categories down the middle column are a fine path to specific posts.

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