Internet Design Principles Call for Papers

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet, IO Multinational
Michel Bauwens

Future Internet Reference Architecture Group: Towards architectural design principles and a reference architecture for the Future Internet

Call for Position Papers on Internet Design Principles.

Deadline for papers: 29/04/2011

workshop: 23/05/2011

The main objective of this activity is to define a common set of architectural design principles and a reference architecture of the Future Internet that can guide and unify key technology developments in the future.

The scope is a FI Reference Architecture developed in a holistic way by incorporating design principles and by integrating key viewpoints. It will focus on core functionality of a Future Internet, including protocols, interfaces, invariants, interoperability and generic enablers.

Find here the first report prepared by the FIArchitecture group. It covers the limitations of the current Internet.

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