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It can safely be said that most great ideas result from errors (including accidents), because the real break-throughs occur when the prevailing paradgim (“business as usual”) is so demonstrably unfit as to call into question its further utility OR something really sensational is discovered that is totally inconsistent with the prevailing paradigm.  PERSISTENCE rooted in INTEGRITY is the key.  That is a definition of sanity.  Persistence rooted in LACK OF integrity–continuing to do the wrong thing, even the wrong thing righter–is insanity.  Dissent is an “error” of the system.  Repressing dissent is a crime against humanity and refuses the commensurate discovery that dissent offers.  The lunacy continues.

Although there was nothing specific on this site directly focused on your tremendous inquiry, here are a few things we have found that address your question and also add to the value of this public intelligence blog.

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Great quote:  “A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.”

Key historical assertion:  “…Bacon devised the trial and error method of finding knowledge while cataloguing very carefully all the circumstances of these trials.”

Great Scientific Discoveries of the Twentieth Century

9 things invented or discovered by accident

Our greatest error has been to repress women and minorities.  Women have smaller egos and better intuition than men do, and are hard-wired for open-ended compassion instead of closed-mind “justice”, which makes all the difference in humanity.  Minorities bring diversity of experience, need, and low-cost solutions that the Industrial Era Empire refuses to consider because it treats humans as a commodity to be exploited, not as the co-owner and co-creater of all that we might enjoy.

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