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The post Search: errors that resulted in great ideas and especially the  comment on need to fully integrate women and minorities reminded me of Ellen Swallow Richards.  She was one of the first publicly acknowledged female heavy-weights in intellect and values in the USA, in my opinion.  See especially her later books, The Cost of Food, The Cost of Shelter, The Art of Right Living, The Cost of Cleanness, Sanitation in Daily Life (1907), and Euthenics, the Science of Controllable Environment (1910).  I had forgotten that she was also responsible for introducing the word “ecology” into the English language.

Wikipedia/Ellen Swallow Richards

Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (December 3, 1842 – March 30, 1911) was the foremost female industrial and environmental chemist in the United States in the 19th century, pioneering the field of home economics. Richards graduated from Westford Academy (2nd oldest secondary school in Westford, MA). She was the first woman admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its first female instructor, the first woman in America accepted to any school of science and technology, and the first American woman to earn a degree in chemistry.

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