Worth a Look: Integrated Rule-Oriented Data Systems (IRODS)–Data Grids, Digital Libraries, Persistent Archives, and Real-time Data Systems

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iRODS User Group Meeting 2011

Sustainable Policy-Based Data Management, Sharing, and Preservation
The third annual User Group Meeting for iRODS, the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System, was held at RENCI, the Renaissance Computing Institute Europa Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) February 17 – 18, 2011. Reflecting growing interest in iRODS, this year's meeting meeting was larger than last year's, with attendees from the US and Canada as well as Europe and Asia, and from large projects in multiple agencies as well as commercial partners. The meeting provided an opportunity for the growing iRODS community to participate in sessions on applications of iRODS, sustainability, and technology development planning, and more, all focused on helping users implement and extend the new paradigm of sustainable policy-based management, sharing, and preservation. For more information, including meeting products of presentation slides, papers, posters, Proceedings, etc. see the meeting website. The iRODS User Group Meetings are a good source of information and use cases on iRODS, see IRODS User Group Meetings. 

IRODS Fact Sheet (2 Page PDF)


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