Australia Considers Switch to Danish Monarchy

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A Danish monarchy may suit our needs better

Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 2011

With the royal wedding once again bringing the Australian republic debate to the surface, I’ve realised that another recent royal wedding brings an interesting third option to the table. Australia could stay as a monarchy but change its allegiance to the Danish crown. After all, the crown princess and likely future Queen of Denmark is Australian, and the future heirs to the Danish throne will all have Australian heritage. The same cannot be said for the House of Windsor.

There are other advantages too. Denmark has had a carbon tax since 1992, their economy has not gone broke, and instead they have grown to become a leader in renewable energy technologies. Perhaps they can help us with ours.

Copenhagen is a nicer city than London, and the Danes don’t whinge as much. It would give us a reason to move our capital to Hobart, which is much nicer than Canberra.

For the foodies, Denmark has the world’s best restaurant. Perhaps the only downside is that the Danes don’t take cricket seriously enough.

Adam Micolich Redfern

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