Defense Science Board: Need Another Intel Czar

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Unbelievable–either these guys have no clue what happened in the past, or they’re all going senile and repeating history.  This is 1992 all over again–remember the LIC Intelligence Working Group that never was?


DOD Advisory Panel Calls For Creation Of National Intel Manager For COIN Ops

Posted on May 20, 2011

A new “national intelligence manager” for counterinsurgency operations is needed to improve U.S. military and civilian efforts in population centers, according to a Defense Science Board task force.

In a just-released report, the task force calls on defense and intelligence officials to lessen the current focus on technical intelligence collection from airborne sensors and bolster human intelligence operations as well as improve the exploitation of open-source information.

The report — prepared by the Task Force on Defense Intelligence-Counterinsurgency (COIN) Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations — also warns that sensor-packed unmanned aerial vehicles and other airborne ISR assets are generating a “deluge” of data, precipitating a crisis in processing, exploitation and dissemination.

DSB Report (February 2011)

Phi Beta Iota: World-class foolishness.  Doing the wrong thing righter.  It does not work for counter-terrorism or force protection or anything else for the simple reason that the entire US intelligence system is in grid-lock.  Not managed, not smart, not affordable, not processed, the list is long.  Until the US Government restores its integrity and intelligence–to include not just Whole of Government integrity & intelligence, but eight-tribes and M4IS2 integrity and intelligence, this is just one more fiefdom, one more chain of useless over-paid over-promoted bureaucrats with zero value.  1992 deja vu indeed.

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