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John Steiner

Hi All:  This is well worth paying attention to, checking out and even sampling.  Do see the great endorsements below.  Learn more about my old friend and colleague, Jeff Golden, the creator of this remarkable new program.   Immense Possibilities is also interactive. As you’ll see from the website, Jeff is looking for our input and collaboration.  Congratulations to Jeff for creating a new public forum for what’s working and for those making a true difference in these challenging times and are offering solutions of great benefit, who so often don¹t make it into mainstream news. May this show become part of the “:new main stream”.


Cheers,  John

From: Jeff Golden

Dear Friends:

Suppose you found a public television program that brought you stunningly creative people who

¨    Craft brilliant projects that strengthen their communities for hard times to come

¨    Unite people across political and philosophical divides

¨    Connect Millenials, Gen X- and Y-ers, Baby Boomers and Elders in compelling ways

And suppose it was right there on your computer or television  every Tuesday evening. Would that be worth your time?

Tuesday evening, May 24, 7:30 pm:  Frances Moore Lappé

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Hope you’ll give IP a try.

IMMENSE POSSIBILITIES is a weekly public television program, followed by an interactive webcast, that pull together the work of Jeff Golden  and other social inventors who share a clear set of beliefs, values and goals.  If these align with your own, and you share our passion for boosting possibilities that can forge a healthier future than the one that seems likely if we don¹t change and innovate, let’s work together.

All the best,

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