Open-Source Cloud Revolution Takes Shape

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Into The Great Wide Open: The Open-Source Cloud Revolution Takes Shape

By Andrew R Hickey, CRN

May 04, 2011    4:00 PM ET

The cloud is opening up as more open-source alternatives to proprietary players emerge.

While open source itself is nothing new — and doesn’t need grand promotion — open source in the cloud is taking a fresh approach to the cloud model, and it’s a space that has potential to shape the future of the cloud.

Currently, there are a handful of big-name, open-source cloud players out there: Eucalyptus,, and Open Nebula among them. Perhaps the most attention-getting open-source cloud is OpenStack, a joint open-source project between cloud player Rackspace and NASA that provides a full-cloud stack. And just last month, VMware pulled the curtain off of its Cloud Foundry open source platform-as-a-service project.

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