Nature Bats Last: (Another) Nuclear Power Station Shut Down By (More) Jellyfish

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(Another) Power Station Shut Down By (More) Jellyfish

by Rachel Cernansky, Boulder, Colorado on 07.12.11


Image: NPphotostream via flickr

It's getting to be a recurring problem: jellyfish clogging the water flow that power plants need in order to run. In Scotland less than two weeks ago, they impacted the water intake for cooling at the Torness nuclear power plant. The latest incident is in Israel, where the city of Hadera was left without electricity when the power station's cooling system was flooded with jellyfish.

Australia's The Age reports that at the Orot Rabin Electric Power Station, which uses seawater to cool its reactors, tons of jellyfish clogged the filters.

Phi Beta Iota:  Note the word “tons.”  Tons of jellyfish.  This is an example of self-sustaining replicable bio-scale that cannot be matched by preventive measures, even in those rare instances when forethought is present.  Geo-Engineering is a nice concept, but not for a population that is intellectually challenged, lacking the integrity of Buckminster Fuller and Russell Ackoff, to name just two broad minds.

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