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General Comment:  as presented to non-governmental groups including Amazon, Gnomedex Bloggers, Hackers on Planet Earth, etcetera, the Open Source Agency (OSA) would be the proponent for everything open beginning with the four central opens necessary for Open Government: Open Source Software, Open Spectrum, Open Data Access, and Open Source Intelligence.  Within the Department of State, an Office for Information-Sharing Treaties and Agreements would be central to the endeavor, and could reasonably also do outreach to all eight tribes across the USA (academic, civil society, commerce, government at all levels, law enforcement, media, military, and non-governments/non-profit).

2002 TIME Magazine The New Craft of Intelligence

12 July 2004 National Intelligence Reform Recommendations (Kevin Scheid, National Commission on the Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States)

28 Jul 2004  The magical idea of an OSA – Open Source Agency

28 Jul 2004  An Open Source Intelligence Agency?

2 Aug 2004  OSS.NET Outlines Promise of Open Source Agency (OSA) as the Foundation for Intelligence Reform, Proposes Lee Hamilton as First Director of the OSA

13 Sep 2004  REFERENCE: Highlights from Senate Governmental Affairs Committee Hearing of 13 September 2004, As Related to State/DHS Needs for Open Source Agency, State Intelligence Centers, and OSIS-X

15 Oct 2004  Flinging Open the Doors to Intelligence Gathering (Online Journalism Review)

27 Sep 2005  Smart Nation Act of 2004 Draft 1.3

2006 Forbes Blank Slate On Intelligence

1 Feb 2006  Information Operations: Putting the “I” Back into DIME

26 Jul 2006  108th Congress Open Source Agency Draft

2 Aug 2006  Open Source Agency per 9-11 Commission (Open Government Dialog)

9 Aug 2006  OSS CEO Posts Letters to Cabinet, Governors, Senators, and Representatives on the Smart Nation Act of 2006 for Public Intelligence

15 Aug 2006 The Most Amazing Conference Keytone (Chris Pirillo Gnomedex)

5 Sep 2006 Benefits of Open Source Intelligence – OSINT (Dancho Danchev's Blog)

19 Apr 2007  Congressional Staff Q&A

18 May 2007  Congress can benefit in three specific ways from passing this legislation

16 Oct 2007  Smart Nation Act of 2006

5 Feb 2008  Open Source Intelligence (RoseIndia Technologies Pvt, Ltd)

1 Mar 2009  Intelligence for the President–and Everyone Else

7 Apr 2009  2009 Homeland Security Today: Vet with a Vision

29 Jul 2009 Open Source Agency per 9-11 Commission

15 Feb 2010 Figure-17-Open-Source-Agency-OSA-Documented-as-a-Need [page 51]

27 Feb 2011 Autonomous Internet Road Map (P2P Foundation)

8 Apr 2011  Intellectual Concept:  PNSR, WW Center, US Army War College, and Marine Corps University

16 Apr 2010 CIA Officer Robert Steele tells it like it is 4 videos The [future] of intelligence is not secret, not federal, not expensive

15 May 2010  Human Intelligence: All Humans, All Minds, All the Time

19 Oct 2010  My Talk with Tom Atlee: Primer on Citizen Intelligence (Huffington Post)

17 Jun 2011 National Intelligence and National Defense (Campaign for Liberty)

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