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“Many observed that 9-11 cost $500,000 to mount, and over $5 million to respond to. Since then the ratio has grown–mostly because of the corruption of US “decision-makers,” from 1:5 to more like 1:N. A three trillion dollar war for what? US “leaders” are not stupid. This is a repeat of Viet-Nam, whose primary purpose, never mind the 50,000 US and million Vietnamese dead, was to “churn” or use up the US military equipment so it would have to be bought new. iraq was complicated by the matching corruption in finance and health, causing the tri-fecta of national melt-downs. All is not lost–but before we can begin reconciliation and reconstruction, the truth must be on the table: a liar is a liar, a traitor is a traitor, a crime is a crime. The “system” is corrupt to the core. The only thing that will change that is a system that displaces it–the old corrupt system cannot be repaired or improved–it will continue to do the wrong things more expensively.”

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