Chuck Spinney: Perpetual War is a Protection Racket

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Chuck Spinney

Null Hypothesis: Perpetual War protects the MICC against the buildup of political plaque threatening to  clog its money pipes.

Proof: The alternative hypothesis has been rejected by a sample of 336 vs. 87, and with the sample being the total population, the Null Hypothesis is accepted at the 100% confidence level. 

House boosts military budget in time of austerity

By DONNA CASSATA, Associated Press

Fri Jul 8, 4:47 pm ET

WASHINGTON – Money for the Pentagon and the nation's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is proving largely immune from the budget-cutting that's slamming other government agencies in the rush to bring down the deficit.

On a 336-87 vote Friday, the Republican-controlled House overwhelmingly backed a $649 billion defense spending bill that boosts the Defense Department budget by $17 billion. The strong bipartisan embrace of the measure came as White House and congressional negotiators face an Aug. 2 deadline on agreeing to trillions of dollars in federal spending cuts and raising the borrowing limit so the U.S. does not default on debt payments.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The lack of intelligence and integrity in Washington is bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for society.  The US Chamber of Commerce would do well to realize that as long as they are silent, a small segment of industry will continue to undermine the economy–the Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC) is long over-due for being shut-down.

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