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Libya: Psy-Ops and War Games, A continuing series of live reports

August 18, 2011 by
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(Susan Lindauer)   Here’s breaking News from a confidential source inside Tripoli. And it’s nothing like what CNN is broadcasting…  Pay attention to live reports from Zawia.

First, today the power went out in all of Tripoli today.  As a gift to the Muslim community for their 17th day of Ramadan, NATO bombed a power plant and six high voltage sub stations. Apparently they believed the Libyans would have no ability to repair this, and so, in their “humanitarian effort to protect civilians,” they tried to cut power to 2 million innocent people during the holy month of Ramadan and the hottest month of the year in this desert country. Well, NATO sorely underestimated these resilient people. They had the  power back in 6 hours!  You know, there is NO fighting in Tripoli, never has been, no fighting on the outskirts never has been.  So, NATO has been continually bombing a peaceful city, destroying the infrastructure, killing and constantly terrorizing civilians.

Second, the media outside is trying to win this war by completely flipping the truth upside down.  Ghadafi is stronger than ever.  Today, people gathered in two areas of Tripoli where people said NATO was planning on bombing.  Hundreds of thousands of people waving green flags, chanted (Allah, Muammar, Libya, Wah bes) (God and Muammar makes Libya complete). Dancing and daring NATO to come and hit them.

These people are so pissed at NATO that they would all lay down their lives before they let “The NATO” win as they say.  A young woman from the Foreign Minister’s office named Sana spoke with us tonight. She said the people are so used to NATO now that they are beginning to name their worthless pets after NATO.

Sana said that the Western news media is showing old pictures of Zawia in an attempt to show bunches of rebels there. So a few people went and waved a green flag at the over pass that the media was showing on the news. And guess what? The group was never on camera, because it was not a live shot.

She also told us that the Libyans are now in complete solidarity behind the legitimate government and Ghadafi. She said all the Libyan people have offered to have Ghadafi come and sleep at their homes, he should switch homes every night, all Libyans are prepared to die for Ghadafi.  She said, Ghadafi should run for president in the US, because the US is so divided and people are so disgusted with their government there.  The unity of Libya behind Ghadafi is unmatched for any leader world wide, she thinks the American people need someone to unite them, not to divide them.

Spoke with the Electronic army, they say there are small pockets of rebels they liken to gangs in Misurata and the Libyan army is the middle of the city cleaning them out.  Most of them are running away.

Dr Moussa Ibrahim stated yesterday that Oil Companies of the aggressor nations are trying frantically to open avenues of communication with any and every minister trying to garner favor and regain their once lucrative contracts.  You won’t see that in the Western news, even though this release was given to all the journalists here in Tripoli.

That is all for now.

Phi Beta Iota:  NATO attacks against Tripoli are an atrocity–commanders and pilots should be held accountable for obeying blatantly illegal orders.

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