DefDog: 10 Year Old Hacker Whacks System Clocks

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The most interesting part about this, that a 10 year old could do it. The government continues to look for “college graduates” to fill the ranks of their Cyber force without understanding that those individuals often lack the “spirit” that embodies the hacking community……

Ten-year old hacker finds vulnerabilities in mobile games

Named CyFi, she used system clocks to exploit vulnerabilities in FarmVille-style games.

A 10-year old California girl is the world’s newest famous hacker. Going by the name CyFi, the preteen found a way to exploit a vulnerability in numerous mobile apps by tinkering with mobile devices’ system clocks.

She presented her work at the first ever DefCon Kids conference, a new part of Defcon, the world’s most famous hacker conference. Ïn her talk, called “Apps – A Traveler of Both Time and Space (And What I Learned About Zero-Days and Responsible Disclosure),” CyFi explained that she was able to circumvent common security measures that prevent users from manipulating apps by changing their device’s system clock.

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