Mario Profaca: Pentagon Insanity, DARPA Corruption

Corruption, Military, Peace Intelligence

Pentagon sinks fastest aircraft ever


The US military began work on the Falcon back in 2003 in hopes of creating an aircraft that could be anywhere internationally within an hour. Of course, why the military would need to be anywhere, in the sky, that quickly, could be considered catastrophic for all of mankind, but a completed Falcon free of glitches and bugs won’t be ready any time soon. Meanwhile, the US military has dubbed that ability to be anywhere, anytime a “Conventional Prompt Global Strike,” or CPGS.

So far over $300 million has gone into the aircraft, which is expected to be ready for production in 2025.

Pentagon future-tech chief pocketing funds

Documents obtained by the Danger Room blog on revealed important conflicts of interest regarding DARPA contractors and DARPA Chief Regina Dugan, who it turns out, is part owner and is owed money by a contractor.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is a sadly classic example of funded idiocy.  This program should be cut immediately, and the DARPA chief investigated and then if appropriate fired while also losing her clearances.  The US Government generally, but the Pentagon and DHS most specifically, are out of control and pulling the USA down with them.

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