Venessa Miemis: 4 Trends in Context Awareness & Mobile Web

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Venessa Miemis

4 Trends in Context Awareness & the Mobile Web

August 30, 2011

We are moving towards a reality where the web just is. It surrounds us, it’s in our pockets, and it can provide us contextual information about the world around us. Below are a few trends towards a location-aware web:

1. The Move Towards Mobility
2. Smartphones Become Digital Wallets
3. An Information Layer on Reality
4. Gaming Goes Social

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is true, at best, for the top third of the one billion rich.  It is nowhere near true for the five billion poor, who will be lucky to have the basic mobile phone with digital cash, and call centers to educate them and monetize their aggregate knowledge.  There is a great deal to be done, and most of it will be about harnessing and harvesting Human Intelligence (HUMINT), not about technical gadgets and back office web sites.

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