Howard Rheingold: News Filters for the Future – Technical Services or Human Networks?

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Howard Rheingold

Everyone wants to be a news filter now

Mathew Ingram, 21 September 2011

As the avalanche of information coming through social networks and real-time tools like Twitter continues to grow, the need for filters to make sense of that tsunami of data also increases, and it seems as though everyone has a different way of trying to solve that problem. Facebook threw its hat into the ring this week with what it says is an improved “newspaper-style” news feed that highlights important content, while Digg has just launched “newsrooms” aimed at doing the same thing, and online influence-ranking service Klout is rolling out topic pages based on what’s being shared by those with influence. But will any of these be able to solve the filtering problem, or will they just add another source of noise?

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Phi Beta Iota:  Neither Google nor Facebook “get it” on the distinction between math hacks and stupid counters, and the nuanced capabilities of the human brain in networks that are in turn nuanced by time, space, and topic.  The recent Facebook “make-over” has bombed.  Google still does nothing to “make sense.”

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