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The more they say they have changed, the more they remain the same…..

Occupy Wall Street: Washington Still Doesn’t Get It

Matt Taibbi

Rolling Stone, 21 October 2011

I’ll have more coming out about this in a few days, but there have been two disgusting developments in the realm of plutocratic intervention on behalf of Wall Street that everyone protesting should take note of.

The fact that both of the following things took place in the middle of the full fever of OWS, when everyone is supposedly trying to placate anti-banker sentiment and Obama and the DCCC are supposedly pledging support of the protesters, shows how completely bankrupt this system is and how necessary street-level protests have become. Popular uprising is probably the only move left to stop developments like the following:

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is why US Day of Rage and Phi Beta Iota both feel so strongly that Electoral Reform is the only immediately reasonable and achievable demand.  Congress and the  White House are under the delusion that they are going to be in power after 2012, and that #OWS is a light rain that will disappear over the winter.  We do not agree.  Politics has  finally become very personal to the 99%.  That is what’s new.  The lack of intelligence and integrity in the US Government is not new, but God willing, will be old news by 2012.

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