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John Steiner

Duncan Campbell Dialog with Charles Eisenstein

Host: Duncan Campbell
Occupy Wall Street Protest – An American Spring in the Fall, a 21st Century Revolution?

Occupy Wall Street describes itself as a “Leaderless Resistance Movement”. It defines itself as “anti-greed”. It is reminiscent of FDR’s famous dictum:  “We have always known that greed is bad morality; now we know that it is also bad economics”.  From the 1930s to and through the bridge decade of the “aughts” and forward further into this New Century, FDR’s words have now come hauntingly back with a powerful new resonance.  Update on the “Occupy Wall Street” pheonomenon – is it a movement? is it a 21st revolution? will it or its spririt endure and how? will it create systemic change? Duncan also makes reference, among others, to Frank Rich’s New York magazine article The Class Struggle has begun in the week of October 24, 2011.

Duncan’s dialogue partner for this program is Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, and a blog, which include the excellent essays “Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Enough” and “Why the Age of the Guru is Over”.

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Below the Line: From Dan Drasin on Local Exchange Training Systems, Greece

Local Exchange Trading Systems (“LETS”), a form of organized barter, have
been around for some time in various forms. Some Greek communities are now
starting to create their own organized barter networks to circumvent the
collapsing official economy.

In poor economies there are often no jobs available per se, but lots of work
to be done. LETS systems can put jobless people to work immediately, earning
local credits for their work that can then be traded for other services —
medical, childcare, transportation, etc. Local currency units can often be
used to purchase goods from local merchants, who may then return those units
to their customers as change, keeping their value circulating in the local

See RT report at:

For more information on LETS systems see:

More about local currencies at:

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