Post Dictatorship: What Next?

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Post-Gadhafi: What’s Next for Libya’s Government?

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    • Their data, he argued, proved that the key to a successful transition from democracy was, curiously, not to hold an election—at least, not right away.
    •  “One of the most important predictors of a successful transition,” Fish said, “is how strong the legislature is when the dust settles.”
    • Greece, with one of the study’s highest scores, has the model of a strong legislature, but entered 2011 near financial collapse.

The World’s Ten Least Powerful Deliberative Bodies

1. People’s Assembly of Myanmar (.00)
2. Consultative Council of Saudi Arabia (.09)
3. People’s Council of Turkmenistan (.06)
4. General People’s Congress of Libya (.13)
4. Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea (.13)
6. Council of Oman (.16)
7. National Assembly of Bahrain (.19)
8. National Assembly of Bhutan (.22)
8. National Assembly of Chad (.22)
8. National Assembly of Jordan (.22)

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