DefDog: The Absurdity [Atrocity] of US Police Powers

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War on Terror and War on Drugs actually a war on individual civil liberties. And for this [and the bloated defense/intelligence pork fest] we borrow one trillion a year?

Police Response to Occupy Wall Street is Absurd

E. D. Kain

Forbes, 19 November 2011

Events like the one in the above video have been far too common in the police response to Occupy protests across the country. I do believe that Occupy Wall Street is at a tipping point, and that it must grow beyond and evolve away from the tent city occupations, but this police response is absurd and excessive.

Arrests exceeding 250 people followed protests in New York City yesterday. All across the country, cops are cracking down on protesters with force. I may be a critic of Occupy Wall Street, but the police are public servants, and public servants have no business treating the public this way.

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