Mini-Me: ALL Candidates Fail Economics 101

Corruption, Government, Misinformation & Propaganda
Who? Mini-Me?

Are they stupid? Probably not. So this is a simple matter of lacking the integrity to do the homework, tell the truth, and be realistic. In other words, US politics as usual, all illusion and ideology, neither intelligence nor integrity.

Campaign promises they dismiss as either impossible or economically disastrous:
    • bringing back $2 a gallon gas.
    • sustained 5% GDP growth
    • balance the budget with lower tax revenues
    • returning to the gold standard
    • a trade war with China
    • a flat tax
    • Obama’s green jobs initiative (unlikely to create jobs)

2012 candidates slip on Econ 101

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Every 2012 contender attended college. They all graduated. They went to schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Texas A&M, Morehouse, Penn State and Emory.

But decades have passed since these Presidential candidates first stepped onto campus as freshmen. Is it time for an Econ 101 refresher course?

America’s Econ 101 professors say yes. In their view, the candidates continue to offer ideas and policies that wouldn’t pass muster in their classes — populated by 18 year-old college students.

“There are so many economic ‘misstatements’ being made,” said Jonathan Lanning, a professor at Bryn Mawr who is teaching two introductory economics classes this semester. “And it isn’t confined to any one candidate.”

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