Patrick Meier: CrisisMappers 2011 Opening Speech

Advanced Cyber/IO, Communities of Practice, Hacking
Patrick Meier

My Opening Speech at CrisisMappers 2011 in Geneva

As many of you already know, the CrisisMappers Community is an informal network of members who operate at the cutting edge of crisis mapping and humanitarian technology. We are not a formal entity; we have no office, no one location, no staff, and no core funding to speak of. And yet, more than 3,000 individuals representing over 1,500 organizations in 140 countries around the world have joined this growing and thriving network.

Five recurring themes:

01  Validation  . .  02  Security  . .  03  Formal-informal partnerships  . .  04  Need to scale up  . .  05  Mainstreaming Crisis Mapping

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