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Message Below from Senator Mark Udall

Truth be told, I'm much more comfortable in a pair of hiking boots or with a rack of climbing gear than in front of a laptop. But just like you, I know the Internet has opened countless doors for people seeking to educate themselves, start a small business, and communicate the ideas that keep America on the forefront of technological innovation.

In December of last year, the FCC adopted rules to preserve Net Neutrality and keep the Internet a place where people and businesses compete on a level playing field. But now, as the rules are about to take effect, John Boehner and the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives have voted to overturn these rules and strip the FCC of its authority. And this week, Senate Republicans are scheduled to force the same vote, putting Net Neutrality in jeopardy.

I need your help, and I need it quickly. The measure to kill Net Neutrality has support from special interest groups who stand to make a lot of money by controlling who gets to see what and for how much on the Internet.

Will you sign my petition: 20,000 Strong For Network Neutrality and help stop this misguided effort in the Senate?

It's not just businesses that compete on the Internet, it's also ideas. Being able to register to vote, contact elected officials, sign petitions, and research candidates online has become a foundational piece of our Democracy. We can't allow special interests and large corporations to hijack the democratic process by becoming the gatekeepers of information.

Will you sign my petition: 20,000 Strong For Network Neutrality and help stop this misguided effort in the Senate

Unlike the lobbyists in Washington, Coloradans know we need to be increasing opportunities for people and spreading broadband access in Colorado. We don't need to be putting in an express lane for already successful businesses and putting up roadblocks for everybody else.

Net Neutrality guarantees a level playing field for all websites and Internet users. It ensures that everyone has a voice on the Internet and that no one can be silenced simply because they can't afford to pay.

I need your help to keep it that way.

Mark Udall
U.S. Senator

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