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Discussed this the other day with a couple of like minded folks, one noted that his Apple devices are synched when he walks into the house, his son's is synched with all his school work when he enters a classroom.  There is little use of Word or like minded products, the school uses YouTube, Twitter, etc.

With the advent of iPad into the business market (the Air Force just
jettisoned its paper flight manuals for pilots and replaced them with

Blue screen of death fades into the sunset.  Enjoy.

Microsoft Office, Enjoy Your Retirement

This nearly 30-year-old product should be headed for the sunset villa in this age of smartphones, cloud computing, and Facebook.

By Eric Lundquist   InformationWeek
December 05, 2011 08:30 AM

Please join me for the retirement party for the productivity software suite.

Our good friend word/spreadsheet/presentation has been an exemplary employee, even as he gained a few pounds as contact management, calendaring, and all sorts of other bits and pieces of the office routine were piled on. And while we can have fun arguing about which was the first such software product (Framework in 1984, Lotus Symphony at about the same time), we can all agree that Microsoft Office started occupying the corner office in 1989. So thank you very much for your service. Here's your gold watch. Now go play some golf.

It's hard to believe that a nearly 30-year-old product is still synonymous with office productivity during a period that has included the rise of the Internet, smartphones, cloud computing, and Facebook. So with the retirement party over, what's the shape of the new office suite?

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Phi Beta Iota:  Microsoft is now officially brain-dead.  The departure of Ray Ozzie was its final heart attack.  OpenBTS, Twitter,, and Wiki-think Wiki-work are all moving in interesting directions.  Microsoft was an industrial-era “stand-alone” approach to human productivity, and it retarded the world for decades because of its hostility to third-party vendors and its constant mutation of Application Program Interfaces (API) as predatory toll-booths.

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