Mini-Me: GOP War on Honest Voting

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Who? Mini-Me?

The GOP's War on Voting Comes to Washington

House Republicans want to kill the federal agency charged with making sure voting machines work.

Siddhartha Mahanta

Mother Jones, Dec. 1, 2011

Republicans in state legislatures across the country have spent the past year mounting an all-out assault on voting rights, pushing a slew of voter ID and redistricting measures that are widely expected to dilute the power of minority and low-income voters in next November's elections. Now that effort has come to Capitol Hill, where the House* will vote Thursday on a GOP-backed bill to eviscerate the Election Assistance Commission (EAC)—the last line of defense against fraud and tampering in electronic voting systems around the country.

[UPDATE: The bill passed 235-190 on a mostly party-line vote.]

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