Dolphin: Volcano / Earthquake Watch Jan 22-26, 2012 Possible 7.2 Quake

Earth Intelligence

Volcano / Earthquake Watch Jan 22-26, 2012: Possible 7.2 Quake

January 21, 2012

Predicting earthquakes: Solar disturbances, significant K-index spike, Sun’s Coronal Hole Formations

“Powerful solar disturbances over the last 24-hours indicate a period of strong seismic events in the coming days’ with the livelihood of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake during this watch. You are now looking at Cactus which is a digital presentation of coronal mass ejection release from the solar corona. Now yesterday a full coronal mass ejection is earthbound and earth directed and this implies January 22nd or January 23 we may receive severe impact on the Earth’s magnetic field which could cause a major rise in solar wind speed and also a seismic shock which may indicate a potential for a strong earthquake during this timeline.”

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