Gordon Duff: Obama Assassination Legal Under Torah / Israeli Law? False Flag Nuclear Hit on Chicago? Bio-War on Poor? + Israel Atrocity and False Flag RECAP

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Obama Assassination Said to be Legal Under Israeli Law

Israeli Right to Kill President Supportable

… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Veterans Today, 24 January 2012

Last week, an obscure publication in Atlanta issued what seemed to be a “suggestion” that the Israeli government “eliminate” President Obama for “reasons of state.” 

The argument made by an Andrew Adler, owner of the Jewish Times, a publication nearly a century old, has stirred much controversy?

Our question is, was Adler right in what he said?  Can Israel legally kill a president?

Point one, of course, Israeli law allows it.  Obama is a non-Jew and any non-Jew can be killed at any time according to Israeli law, even one living outside Israel if it is believed that he may some day cause harm to a Jew.

This is the legal basis for attacks on children in Gaza, that their deaths likely prevent them from growing up and harming Jews.

It is in the Torah and it is law.  Also, America has traditionally respected such laws.  In fact, President Obama may well have, through pro-Israeli (sic, probably meant to say pro-Taliban) statements, authorized his own execution.

. . . . . .

Recently, Shelden Adelson, billionaire casino boss gave Gingrich, laundered through a PAC (political action committee) $5 million.  This money is, as we understand it, a down payment on a much higher figure meant to buy Gingrich’s thralldom to the Israeli Likudist faction.

As we understand it, Gingrich will allow Israel to stage a false flag nuclear attack on Chicago and, if needed reinstate the draft in order to put together sufficient land forces to invade Iran.

Following this, the world will suffer a series of pandemics, which will be, in reality, germ warfare, with miraculous cures coming online in time to hold world population at approximately 2 billion.

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Phi Beta Iota:  “Shicksas don't count.”  The USS Liberty is only the most blatant application by Israeli Zionists (not to be confused with loyal American Jews) of this precent, which crudely stated, means you can fuck or murder anyone you wish if they are not Jewish–doing so ostensibly to “save” Israel is merely cosmetic.  There is absolutely no question that both the USA and Israel have engaged in a multiplicity of war crimes and atrocities “in our name.”  Henry Kissinger is fond of the idea of eugenics, and murdered 20,000 US uniformed personnel in Viet-Nam, and hundreds of thousands others, for the “convenience” of helping Richard Nixon defeat Hubert Humphrey.  These people have ZERO integrity–they are insanely criminal, insanely insular, and insanely out of control.  Much remains to be investigated, including Israeli involvement in the USS Cole attack and 9/11.  In this specific instance, it may be that Obama is resisting the neo-con and entrenched dual Israeli-US citizen plans to attack Iran (as he evidently objected to the Bert Laden patsy murder in Pakistan).  Assassinating Obama would put Trilateralist and Delaware Corporation God-Father Joe Biden into the President's job, and Joe Lieberman would be a strong candidate for Vice President.

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