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Howard Rheingold

SwiftRiver Throws a Lifeline to People Drowning in Information

There's a problem that constantly plagues us in this day of information overload, and that is the ability to sift the stream of incoming information into the bits that are valuable from those that aren't. It's a tough issue that we've been working on at Ushahidi for a while now. Our solution is called SwiftRiver.

SwiftRiver is a free and open-source intelligence platform that helps people curate and make sense of large amounts of information in a short amount of time. In practice, SwiftRiver enables the filtering and verification of real-time data from channels such as SMS, email, Twitter and RSS feeds. It's especially useful for organizations that need to sort their data by their unique expectations of authority and accuracy, as opposed to popularity. Such organizations include journalists, community based-groups, PR/marketing, emergency responders, election-monitoring groups, and more.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This was one of many things the US Intelligence Community was told it needed (by the Advanced Information Processing and Analysis Steering Group (AIPASG).   N-GRAMS was a good start, but the various individuals in charge of the respective Directorates did not want to collaboration and were afraid of what they did not understand.  The $80 billion a year we waste on secret intelligence will be an excellent bill-payer when the US public finally elects a government that can combine intelligence with integrity.

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