Marcus Aurelius: Five Articles on Defense Reductions

Marcus Aurelius

Five press articles follow. First four describe efforts DoD and Army senior leaders to paint force reductions as good and necessary things. If you believe that reducing DoD is keystone to saving Nation, some of what leaders are saying possibly sounds plausible. As a private citizen, I don't believe that White House, Congress, or DoD have done right thing so I don't subscribe to what is being said in support of it. I'm glad my job does not, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's and Chief of Staff, Army's do, require that I give public statements supporting this stuff. Wonder how they sleep at night…

Fifth article, by, presents probably best summary of impacts of DoD's actions I have seen. They seem to endorse necessity of DoD's actions, so I disagree there.

Army Chief Sees Greater Role For Guard And Reserves

Army's Top General Backs Troop Rollback

Army Must Cut Energy Costs To Balance Budget

How Pentagon Budget Cuts Will Reshape The Army

Winners And Losers Of The Defense Budget

Phi Beta Iota:  4% of the force (the infantry) take 80% of the casualties and cost 1% of the total military budget.  In this context, the only winners are members of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

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