Marcus Aurelius: Khost Kathy Rides Again – Who’s to Blame?

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Marcus Aurelius

(1) See particularly page 5; (2) Mr. Baer, perhaps a somewhat controversial CIA retiree, may have more credibility than Matthews’ husband gives him credit for with respect to knowing what women can and cannot do operationally.  According to the book “The Company We Keep,” which Baer co-authored with his wife, his wife Dayna was a CIA security officer who served overseas in some challenging circumstances; (3) I know a female with traits similar to those ascribed to Matthews.)

For CIA family, a deadly suicide bombing leads to painful divisions

Washington Post, 29 January 2012


“The suicide bomber was a bad guy, but at the time, nobody could clearly see it,” Anderson said. “I think the agency prepared my wife to be a chief of the Khost base, but not in terms of preparing for this asset. This guy wasn’t vetted.” And the mother of his three children is dead because of it.

Phi Beta Iota:  Bauer has it right–this is not about “girls” being inept, it is about “analysts” being inept at command in the field, especially in a paramilitary environment.  CIA is a bureaucracy and most if not all of its managers are so out of touch with reality as to be a danger to the current director and the agency as a whole.  90% of the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) that CIA produces is from foreign liaison hand-outs and domestic overt collection by the domestic division from legal travelers.

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