Perry Bezanis: Odds and Ends for Reflection

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Perry Bezanis

Armed with a Bachelor’s in math and 4 years of GI Bill, dillettantism post-that and primarily in natural sciences, I finally got around to really trying to figure out what ‘the human condition’ forever bugging me was really all about.

Along that line then, “the happenstantial appearance of Godel’s Proof precipitated ‘possible applicability to language in general’ as an analytical tool for a more properly ‘scientific’ analysis of language itself and the evolution of words and language in general” -the deconstruction and re-evolution of ‘the human condition’, so to speak.

A few contributions:

How We Came to Democracy – Why It Is Not the Best Form of Government and Where It Is Going

Human Nature and Continuing Human Existence – the Inevitabilities of Human Deliberative Capability

The State of Affairs an Excerpt from Godel’s Proof and the Human Condition

Democracy – and Further

Breakdown – Futurology (appendix to Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)

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