Howard Rheingold: Clay Johnson on Information Diet

Advanced Cyber/IO, Cultural Intelligence
Howard Rheingold

VIDEO (1:03) The Information Diet – Introduction

Introduction to the concepts behind The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption, a new book by Clay Johnson. The Information Diet makes the case that it’s time we started being as selective with the information we consume as we are the food that we eat, then describes what a healthy diet and healthy habits look like.

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EXTRACT from one Review:

Johnson* makes a strong case that content farms are the media industry’s equivalent of factory farms: producing cheap, low quality information to maximize profit. And if we don’t educate ourselves as consumers, then we’re basically doing the brain equivalent of eating at McDonalds every day… destroying our mental health and driving serious journalists, the organic family farmers of the media industry, out of business.

If the premise sounds a little depressing, it is. But a strong dose of humor and charming anecdotes make the medicine go down. And just like factory farms are depressing, the response — farmers markets, grass-fed beef, and HGH-free milk — can be empowering and delicious.

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