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Gulag Wealth Fund

In a recent and very interesting interview with author Cory Doctorow, he mentions Max Keiser’s “Gulag Wealth Fund”. Doctorow says:

“And there's this symbiotic relationship between criminalization or prohibition, and the people who benefit from enforcement, right? There's a rogue economist named Max Keiser who has a notional fund, just a fund on paper that you can buy into if you wanted to follow a stock. It's called the Gulag Wealth Fund, [and is comprised of] private prison companies, mercenaries, arms dealers, and so on. Basically, his theory is that if the Gulag Wealth index goes up, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. And the Gulag Wealth index has been soaring.” (my emphasis)

Interview   ..  Gulag Wealth Fund

I wonder how long it will take before someone sets up an actual fund of this type and makes a lot of money?

Phi Beta Iota:  This is precisely what Wall Street, led by Goldman Sachs, has been doing since the end of WWII.  Instead of nurturing wealth creation, e.g. within the USA, they have been hollowing out economies from the USA to Greece and beyond, privatizing wealth and externalizing costs.  This is a failure of intelligence in all its forms, and a failure of ethical perspective among all public sector leaders.  It turns out the greatest enemy to the USA has been an internal enemy — corruption — and all sectors that might have come together to blow the whistle on this (academia, civil society, honest commerce, intelligence, non-profits) got caught up in the web of corruption rather than holding steady to known eternal truths — lies kill, corruption is sand in the gears of evolution.  The current World Bank and private effort to privatize water is the latest phase of this insanely criminal — but totally legalized — attack on humanity as a whole.  The craft of intelligence is long over-due for modernization, including internal financial counterintelligence, internal acquisition corruption counterintelligence, and internal religious counterintelligence.

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