Perry Bezanis: Reflections on the Human Condition

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Perry Bezanis

“All governments and economic policies as we know them so far, are ‘mere artifacts of intellectual development so far'. Genetic imperative, meanwhile, drives the human life-form as a whole to ‘live as long as possible' – but the only way of doing that is through science and science alone. American free-enterprise, capitalist democracy, in other words, is doomed -like it or not”.

“Economics has evolved out of fundamentally natural mechanisms of human diasporation and eventual trade. For the greater part of history, these mechanisms were more or less satisfactory in the sense that it was not possible to foresee problematic consequences from underlying dynamics. Economics and economic theory, in this respect, have evolved as less concerned with consequences than with ‘invisible hand's, ‘economic growth' and abstract market properties more or less ignorantly conjured into ‘existence and importance'.

Critically missing therein is any reference to the biological nature of man and the nature of his influence on what is a closed-earth system -four considerations:

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