Reference: Four Letters That Changed Nothing

Memoranda, Office of Management and Budget, Vatican

Appendix: Game Changing Letters that Flopped

Note:  These letters were to be included as appendices to illuminate how those in power refuse to consider, much less embrace, radical constructive ideas, however essential they might be to the 99%.    All four of these leaders – a Pope, the Secretary General of the United Nations, a sitting President of the United States of America, and a multi-billionaire with a flair for innovation – have probably not even seen these letters because they inhabit a CLOSED world.  They are surrounded by courtiers who are threatened by new ideas, and who reject all that they do not understand.

In an OPEN world, each of these individual would hear from a million voices, asking them to read the letter addressed to them, and to hold a summit for public discussion of the letter.

This post is the full text online version for ease of automated translation.  Links to the actual versions on letterhead are below the line with their full-text version.

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Letter 1.  Secretary General of the United Nations

Secretary General of the United Nations

2 December 2009


Copy to Governments of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey and Others


As you prepare to join other world leaders and a narrow selection of scientists in Copenhagen next week, I wish to respectfully draw your attention to the utility of ClimateGate—the clear evidence of fraud and deceit within the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in the United Kingdom.  As one scientist has stated, the leaked information is not a smoking gun, it is a mushroom cloud.

The crisis you face as a result is in  fact an opportunity for you to elevate the role of the High Level Panel and integrate all elements of the UN System, while reducing the role of the IPCC, perhaps even to the point of dissolution, with existing personnel reassigned, not fired.

The High Level Panel identified ten high-level threats to humanity, among which Environmental Degradation is third.  At this time there is no UN Intelligence Center such as Quincy Wright called for in 1957.  You can find his article and others about the idea of a World Brain with embedded EarthGame at, at About the Idea.

I enclose for your consideration, and for your distribution at any time to the Member delegations in New York City or to the participants in Copenhagen, a two-page summary of the 33-page proposal that we recently submitted to Sir Richard Branson.

It is established in the systems discipline that what might be good for one part of the system (e.g. carbon emission reduction) can be very bad for other parts of the system (e.g. reducing poverty and infectious disease among the five billion poor) and bad for the whole as well.

It was my privilege to teach the Class Before One to UN participants in Beirut, Lebanon in August 2007.  Elements from six different UN organizations validated the need for what we are offering to build at no cost to the United Nations or most Members.  I believe that the USA might be persuaded to fund the Office of the Assistant Secretary General for Decision Support within the Directorate for Safety and Security, and that MajGen Patrick Cammaert, RN NL (Ret), a former Military Advisor, is well-suited to be the first incumbent.

Dr. Patricia Lewis at UNIDIR spoke to our international conference about the need for a United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN).  We can do this, now is the time.  May I call on you before you leave for Copenhagen?  I can also brief others, both in New York and should you wish it, in Geneva and in Copenhagen.


Executive Summary for the Secretary General

World Brain Institute & Global Game Under United Nations (UN) Auspices

Need.   Four recent developments have converged to suggest the end of the industrial era in which government treaties and government force were the principal means of governing human affairs;

  • Brahimi Report calling for a renaissance in UN decision-making and decision-support
  • Joint Military Analysis Centers and Joint Operations Centers
  • UNIDIR call for a World Brain as a means of reducing threats and increasing prosperity
  • Report of the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change


There is urgent need for a new means of self-governance that reflects the diversity of human interests and capabilities.  We are in the Information Era, but the United Nations (UN) and its Members are still “dumb” and unable to harness the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth.  Humanity urgently needs some form of global unified archive system without the current “top down” partitioning and access restrictions, such that all organizations and individuals can contribute their knowledge to a creative commons that leaves no knowledge sidelines, and no fraud undiscovered.

The fragmentation of knowledge, and the gap between people with power and people with knowledge, is the root cause of our universal failure to deal responsibly with the ten high-level threats to humanity.  World Information Summits and Global Knowledge Summits have not addressed the core need: to connect all human minds with one another and with all information in all languages.   The UN and its Members cannot be effective in this new era without creating a United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN) that is “Open” in every possible sense of the word (using Open-Source software and open spectrum, creating Open-Source intelligence), and that allows the harmonization of what the public knows, does, and funds.

Solution.  A single World Brain Institute with an infinitely-scalable online Global Game (actually a Participatory Planning and Budgeting System at all levels of governance) can be implemented immediately at a cost of under Euro $12 million a year, with the almost certain prospect of being self-funded within three years by selling very low-cost subscriptions to the one billion rich, enabling free access to the five billion poor.  The World Brain and a Global Game are not new ideas—what is new is the combination of the desperate need for reliable “whole systems” analytics, and the immediate availability of information and communication technologies (ICT) to meet that need.  This program, under UN auspices, would encourage regions to establish Regional Information-Sharing and Sense-Making Networks, and Members to create national call centers harnessing the eight Communitys of intelligence in each country (academic, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-governmental or non-profit) and able to educate the poor “one cell call at a time.”  The UN could ask for US funding of an Office of the Assistant Secretary for Decision-Support, and create an Office of Information-Sharing Treaties and Agreements at the same time.  A Strategic Analytic Model has been devised along with a concept for extending the proven concept of Participatory Budgeting while harnessing all interested humans to digitize “true cost” information on all products, services, and behaviors.  This is a self-healing self-learning system with an open ethic that guarantees integrity with transparency.  Within the Global Game, a Global Range of Needs Table can connect the one billion rich with the item-level needs of the five billion poor, to include free cells phones connecting the poor to knowledge.

Benefits.   A (UN) World Intelligence Center was first proposed by Quincy Wright in 1957, this now-achievable program will ride the emergent wave of evolutionary activism that can potentially bypass blocking industrial-era bureaucracies and enable the poor to create infinite stabilizing wealth.  The UN can become the administrator of the World Brain and Global Game™, and in this way harness the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth while helping all achieve global learning.


ClimateGate.  Hacktivism leads to public outrage as well as renewed voice by scientists who have been ignored and often repressed by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where 50 core scientists with a strong ideological belief have been able to sway another 150 participating scientists while ignoring over 5,000 dissenting scientists.  If a World Brain Institute with an embedded Global Game existed, the Secretary General (SG) would be able to see on a large display a visualization of all scientists as well as public leaders and their relative position—a single institution would not be able to mislead the SG.  At the same time the SG and Members would have two other benefits:

1.  Climate Change would be presented in relation to ALL ten threats to humanity and in relation to all twelve core policies (Agriculture, Diplomacy, Economy, Education, Energy, Family, Health, Immigration, Justice, Security, Society, Water).  It would be understood, in this context, that the social harm to the UN goals of eradicating poverty and infectious disease is greater than the benefit of reducing carbon emission in the poorest of countries, and the misrepresented data could be seen.

2.  Intervention strategies could be identified and quickly communicated throughout the world.  Wal-Mart, for example, has eliminated $25 million a year in truck idling costs (and the related emissions) by installing small batteries to run truck cabin systems when trucks are not in motion.

Iraq-Afghanistan.  It is now clear that the US and UK decisions to invade both IQ and AF were based on ideologically-defined policy preferences, and completely refuted by both secret and public decision support.   In the US those of us prepared to pay $100,000 for full-page information advertisements against the war saw our money refused by a captive press.  Within the UN, there was no competing voice armed with public information to refute the lies presented to the UN by the US Administration.   If a World Brain Institute with an embedded Global Game™ existed, the SG would be able to see on a large display a visualization of all leaders (not just political but religious, economic, and academic) and their relative position—a single government would not be able to mislead the SG.  At the same time the SG and Members would have two other benefits:

1.  The “true cost” of both invasions could be properly presented to all Members and their publics, and a rich harvest of multi-cultural perspectives factored in—the US leaders for example, were unaware of the Sunni-Shi’ite split in Iraq, or the implications of the Pakistan Sunni nuclear bomb in relation to the Iranian effort to create a nuclear deterrent against Sunnis, not the US or Israel.

2.  The legitimate planning concerns of the diplomats and the commercial specialists, as well as the US military officers such as the Chief of Staff of the Army who knew full well the instability that can occur from going in “light,” could have been properly acknowledged, and a multi-national multi-cultural campaign plan developed to leverage the Golden Hour so as not to lose the peace.

The World Brain Institute and Global Game are the means by which the SG leverages the moral and practical value of “Open-Source Everything,” making it possible to hear all voices, to nurture appreciative inquiry and deliberative dialog at all levels, and to achieve truth & reconciliation across failed states whose poor can be empowered with cell phone connectivity and education “on cell call at a time,” so as to create infinite stabilizing wealth in situ.

The World Brain Institute and Global Game are the means by which the SG leads the UN System in using Multinational Multiagency Multidisciplinary Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2) to create a prosperous world at peace.

Complete package online.[1]

Letter 2.  His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Below is the first page only.  The full letter with letterhead and signature can be viewed as a PDF online.[2]

20 January 2011

Via Federal Express

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Most Holy Father

I was inspired to read that His Holiness will organize a summit of religious leaders to discuss how they can promote world peace—when a Protestant was announced as the head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, coincident with a discussion by His Holiness of the similarity of science and religion as two disciplines seeking to illuminate and promulgate the truth, I felt called to volunteer a concept for achieving inter-faith reconciliation through a shared devotion to transparency and truth as a means of creating both trust and common wealth.

Put most directly, material corruption in the secular world is an obstacle to spiritual harmony.  The public has lost faith in governments and corporations, including all banks and the media—broadcasting and print.  There is no trusted source of information about the material world at the same time that there is growing distrust—schisms of suspicion and hatred—among the religions, with fundamentalists and relativists growing in numbers.

Religion is closer to humanity’s biological, cultural, and social “nature,” and for this reason I believe that His Holiness could substantially increase the global reach and effect of the summit, if the summit were to focus on achieving an outcome centered on inter-faith information-sharing and sense-making about the threats to humanity and how all parties are addressing those threats.  We need a faith-based global intelligence exchange.

For the past century we have been operating an Industrial-Era global economy in which easily half of the public income has been wasted or lost to corruption.  It is possible for the Church to create and utilize public intelligence—and public understanding—to influence how others spend money so as to create a prosperous world at peace.  It is also possible for the Church to raise funds for this endeavor, for example, by approaching Sir Richard Branson with the idea of “The Virgin Truth” as a secular global service helpful to eradicating corruption while providing a secular foundation for inter-faith dialog, deliberation, & trust.

I am in Rome 22-26 January, and can be reached via electronic mail or voice (below).  I can also engage in local or virtual dialog as directed.


Letter 3.  President of the United States of America

ON INTELLIGENCE: Open Letter to the President

4 February 2011

Dear Mr. President

Since 1988, when I ceased being a spy and became the senior civilian architect of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, today a global command, I have been the foremost proponent for what is called Global Coverage.  I testified to the Aspin-Brown Commission, and in a benchmark exercise, demonstrated that I could do more with six phone calls on Burundi-Rwanda than the entire US Intelligence Community, all on an overnight basis.

I enclose for your understanding seven items—your staff does not recognize this view.

1.  “Intelligence for the President—AND Everyone Else” (Counterpunch)

2.  “Fixing the White House & National Intelligence (Int’l J Intelligence & Counterintelligence)

3.  “Intelligence for the Spirit of Assisi” (Letter to Pope Benedict XVI)

4.  “Perhaps We Should Have Shouted: A 20 Year Retrospective”

5.  “Four Reforms: Electoral, Intelligence, Governance, National Security”

6.  My two-page book profile with international commentaries

7.  My two-page resume

I am today the architect of Whole of Government intelligence as well as the primary proponent for using open and multinational intelligence to design a world that works for all.

It is my earnest view that what I know can be of immediate assistance to you, your Cabinet, the Congress, and the public.  Should you wish it, I am immediately available to serve you and the Republic in any capacity.  I specifically seek a meeting with you to illuminate possibilities.

For the convenience of staff, this letter and all seven attachments are easily accessed at the following short URL:, where other references are also listed.


Letter 4. Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson “The Virgin Truth”


Oakton, Virginia  –  5 August 2011

PAIN.  George Soros has written in “My Philanthropy,” that governments are not working and the traditional premises of open societies and unfettered capitalism are unsound.  Meanwhile, wealth is concentrated in 1% of the one billion rich, and the other five billion are not just poor, they are creating infectious diseases, destroying the environment, spawning massive criminal networks, and assuring the eventual destruction of life as we know it.

PREMISE.  The human brain is the one infinite resource we have, and no one is tapping into the five billion poor as a source of infinite entrepreneurship capable of creating infinite wealth.  Capitalism today is looking through the wrong end of the telescope.  The one billion rich have an annual income of one trillion; the five billion poor, despite their poverty and because of their numbers, have an annual income of four trillion–four times more income that can be exploded, leveraged, and profited from.  All it takes is a model that flips the tortilla: give them free cell phones and cell phone service and connectivity to the Internet, and monetize everything they say, hear, and think via intermediate call centers that profit from capturing the human minds of the neglected impoverished billions.

PEOPLE.  Earth Intelligence Network is a non-profit and the 24 people that co-founded it are best in class, from the pro bono CEO Robert Steele praised by Alvin Toffler as one of the smartest and described by Bruce Sterling as 100 times smarter than any hacker and 10,000 times more dangerous, to the knowledge architects Medard Gabel (#2 to Buckminster Fuller, has a design for EarthGame ready to go) and Stephen E. Arnold (author of The Google Trilogy, knows better than most why IBM, Oracle, Google, and Microsoft are all failures and will never capture this larger opportunity).  Robert Steele has trained 7,500 mid-level officers across 66 countries, and is available to make this vision a reality in quick time, leveraging thirty years of global professional networking.

PROOF.  In 1995 Robert Steele defeated the entire US Government secret intelligence community (then a $40 billion a year enterprise, today $80 billion a year) in an overnight test on Burundi.  Six telephone calls produced everything needed from Russian military maps and French commercial imagery to the top 100 academics and top 10 journalists on Burundi.  The secret world had nothing.  Corporate CEO's have the same problem–this from Ben Gilad, a top commercial intelligence guru:  Top managers’ information is invariably either biased, subjective, filtered or late. . . . Using intelligence correctly requires a fundamental change in the way top executives make decisions.  An Open-Source Agency (OSA) is on pages 23 and 423 of the 9/11 Commission Report, but is being fought tooth and nail by both secret intelligence and defense because they know it will lead to public intelligence that cuts their budgets in half or more.  An Open-Source Agency, public or private, would lead the way in Open-Source Everything, starting with Open-Source Software, Open Data Access, Open-Source Intelligence, and Open Spectrum.

PURPOSE.  The purpose is to make 2% of four trillion (80B) a year in profit while gainfully employing millions of humans.  In passing, it creates a prosperous world at peace so that this profit is sustainable forever.

Robert Steele has received a contract to produce a book, already finished in draft, Manifesto for Truth: Expanding the Open-Source Revolution.  A copy of the cover is attached.  This proposal sees “The Virgin Truth” as the sole brand capable of connecting the five billion poor, enabling and enriching the five billion poor, and in so doing, with multinational multilingual call centers on every continent and a vast diaspora of citizen intelligence minutemen, The Virgin Truth creates the World Brain with EarthGame™ embedded—all sovereign individuals in a state of Panarchy.

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