April 17 Tax Day Protest Events Nation-Wide

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Tax Day Protests and Events 2012
The numbers are staggering: Over $1 trillion spent so far on the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001. The government says the Iraq War is over, but the Pentagon is paying thousands of contractors to continue the occupation. Nearly half of each tax dollar is going to the Pentagon and military contractors.
Get out on (or before) tax day — Tuesday, April 17 is the final day to file this year — to protest the obscene  military budget while millions in the world go hungry. See the action list below, but if there’s not an action in your area, order some flyers (list at the bottom) and head out to a busy corner to leaflet for an hour.
April 17 is also the  Global Day of Action on Military Spending. See other listings and resources on their website.

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